Have yourself a Merry Little (eco-friendly) Christmas

Wow, if you are as worried about our planet as I am, you’ll be wanting to think about how to have an eco-friendly Christmas this year.

And what ends up in the bin in huge quantities on Christmas Day (besides your kids brussels sprouts)? Yes, let’s talk about WRAPPING PAPER.

While some gift wrapping is recyclable – anything with cellotape stuck to it and glitter or foil-type wrapping is an absolute no-no for recycling. The basic rule is that if it can be scrunched up into a ball and remains scrunched up, it should be OK.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t see myself diligently taking off every last scrap of cellotape while I wait for the turkey to roast. And even if I did, it’s still all going in the bin! And we don’t want that, right?

So how do we get through Christmas without wasting a scrap of wrapping? And before we start presenting gifts to our loved ones on Christmas morning in a Sainsbury’s bag-for-life with a “please return wrapping” request attached, I’ve been looking for some alternative options. And there are some good ones out there! Phew, thank goodness for that.

Here are my top 3.

Option 1 – Furoshiki – the Japanese art of using fabric to gift wrap pretty much anything.

Seriously, google it, watch some YouTube how-to videos – it’s actually quite easy and simply looks amazing!

A beautiful final product and the fabric can be used time and time again (it can even be a part of the gift itself – I’m thinking perfume wrapped in silk scarf for the mother-in-law). You can get some great fabric options out there, and I’m SO IN LOVE with this that I’m thinking of stocking it in my store in the future.

Option 2 – Re-usable Fabric Gift Bags.

The easier option if you can’t (be bothered to) get your fingers around Furoshiki. Again, there are so many options out there and so many different sizes and patterns available. You can buy them already made (please support your local businesses if you go down this route), and there are also loads of ways to make your own if you are feeling crafty (even “no-sew” options if you are like me and prefer a hot-glue gun session).

Option 3 – Flower Pots (genius)

One for the grandparents.

Get your little ones to paint and decorate a clay flower pot (or leave as is for a more classy look), place the gift inside the pot, put the saucer on top and voila! How cute is this? And zero waste. You can use a variety of items for this idea, but I found a flower pot to be the best because it’s self-contained.

Lastly, I know what you’re all thinking – throw away my kids un-eaten brussels sprouts?? That’s wasting too! So…… I came across this recipe for lemon and honey brussels sprouts that I’ll share with you to solve that problem as well. I made this, my kids actually ate it AND LIKED it (I know, you’re welcome).

Have fun getting ready for Santa, and looking after our planet at the same time!


14. November 2018 by BritishGiftCo
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In time for Christmas

It’s been a busy few weeks – and Santa’s elves are hard at work getting ready for the big day! (And of course the obligatory winter germs have hit our house, but let’s not talk about THAT….)

I thought I would take a moment and share what has arrived in-store recently (I’m saving the best for last so – trust me – keep reading to the end)…

First, there are about 800,000 babies born each year in the UK (approx 2,200 a day) – so we probably all have an expectant mum in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for a unique gift idea for when the little bundle arrives – while it’s great to receive tiny baby clothes and a plethora of oils, powders and lotions… these are all sadly outgrown and used up eventually. I want to give something that will last and I have found it!!!!

These are Milly & Flynn personalised baby record books. They are SO lush! They include nursery ryhmes throughout, babies name appears on every page, and has space for all the milestones and important photo’s. I’m particulary excited about the space it has for a family tree (I mean, who does that anymore? We all should!) These make amazing keepsakes for new parents and of course, baby, for years to come. I think I might actually be in love with these.

They are £29.99 in-store and you can buy them here. A gorgeous gift box is even included in the price!

And then…… when the new baby arrives, it’s usually all about the newborn cuddles and the cuteness of it all, and it’s easy to forget that there are older siblings that may feel a little left out of the whole occasion. Mummy and daddy WILL no doubt be uber busy with the newest little human in their lives, so if family and friends remember the older siblings, it will go a long way… and of course I have found the perfect gift for them too…

These books will show them that being a big brother or sister is great! They are filled with rhyming words and charming illustrations of bears, rabbits, hedgehogs and more, and will reassure them that they are still loved and very important.

They are £12.99 and you can grab one for big sisters here and one for big brothers here.

The classic “Guess How Much I Love You” gift set, has arrived in-store just in time for last minute Christmas shopping. This is a wonderful personalised gift for children of all ages!

It speaks for itself really…. at £24.99 you can find it here.

And speaking of children of all ages…. here’s the big one – the last gift I want to share is for the ultimate Star Wars fan. (We all know one). They are not a true fan unless they have one of these in their possession, so… take a look at this GLORIOUS Star Wars galactic atlas.

Fans can explore a galaxy far, far away with this atlas that includes every location ever mentioned within the Star Wars films. From Alderaan to Wobani, this atlas covers it all. This hardback book makes a super impressive and unique gift; a MUST HAVE for all true Star Wars fans.

It’s £59.99, you can buy it here, and it’s worth every penny!

That’s it until next time, happy shopping!

05. December 2017 by BritishGiftCo
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We have arrived!

Well, hello there! Welcome to The Little British Gift Company. We have finally arrived.

A little bit about me:

I am the self-proclaimed cliche of a mompreneur. You know the one – swapped her job in the big city for the work-from-home gig to raise her kids. I opened my online gift store in an attempt to not go crazy chasing after my little ones and to follow my dream and passion in the process.

It’s been a long time coming, but in between school runs, nappy changes and failing sleep patterns I have managed to pull it together in (a lot) more time than I anticipated initially. Sigh.

I am proudly British and only stock products made here in the UK, and only products that I would actually choose to buy myself.

Here on this blog I hope to share with you some new and exciting idea’s, what’s hot in-store, seasonal must-buys and some food for thought along the way.

Don’t forget to visit my gift store, and feel free to go crazy on social media – like and share, people – like and share (there may be giveaways involved, hint hint).

There are loads of new products on the way in the not too distant future, so stay tuned.

Buckle up – the journey begins.

19. October 2017 by BritishGiftCo
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